World Enviroment Day Special

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June,2020 to remind everyone across the world how saving the environment is the need of the hour and saving nature is another way of saving ourselves.

This World Environment Day is different, as compared to the ones we have had in the past. This is because we are living in a time when the importance of having a roof over your head has been reinstated by a deadly pandemic that has been knocking on our doors. This World Environment Day we have been forced to think of all the mistakes we committed while growing our businesses and how much harm and pain nature had been going through. Today, we all feel the same pain and discomfort when we are all locked away in our houses with a fear in our mind of stepping out. Suddenly, all the luxuries of the world seem far fetched and something that was never essential to our living.

Agro2o® is a company that has always believed in sustainability and understanding the root cause of things to build a better experience for the consumers. We are living in a time where the importance of food has been the highest rung in the ladder and there are queues in stores, supermarkets, just to buy the right kind of vegetables and fruits. But, suddenly there has been this fear instilled in our minds. What if the vegetables we buy are not healthy enough and what if the chemicals they used can harm us in some way? It is a valid concern at a time when the mantra to being safe is, “Wash, Sanitize and socially distance”. We, as a company, see this as something that bothers a lot of people because of the lack of assurance of “how safe is this”? Science has come a long way and while reading our textbooks in school, we always learnt one thing about growing plants and that was how every plant needs ample amounts of sunlight, water, and soil to grow. But we never asked the question of what is the correct measurement of an ample amount? We answer those questions that never crossed your minds but will make complete sense to you.

Agro2o® Smart Garden® eliminates the factor of providing the plant with too much of anything. Imagine the ease of growing something, inside your house with only water, Wi-Fi, and a plug-and-play solution. You do not have to worry about harmful chemicals being used or too much sunlight ruining the plant. Our Smart Garden lets you sit back comfortably and just water it when your phone gives you a reminder. The kind of vegetables and herbs that are homegrown, always taste better. The technology we use is called Hydroponics and it aims at allowing plants to grow using a mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent. In easier words, you grow your plants just in water! The kind of world we are moving towards, defines sustainability as the need of the hour and as a company we believe the kind of technology Hydroponics uses, facilitates our innovative thinking and approach towards achieving that. Along with sustainability, looking at the current world scenario, it is necessary to understand that growing vegetables at home is going to become the new normal soon. Everyone has been searching for ways to increase immunity and be safer inside their homes. Everyone in the world was so used to the dynamic ways of living that being able to work from home and be home all day, also got very taxing and challenging. Plants at home can improve the vibe of the house and can also be added to the list of hobbies or new things to learn over a period.

Our tagline of Bring Nature to Your Home, correctly puts forth our motive of giving you a product to make lives easier, healthier and also take a step towards making nature sustainable and saving it with open arms.

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