How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants In Winters?

How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants In Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants In Winters

We all love our plants whether they are indoors or outdoors. Not only do they function the best as wonderful decorations, but also help cleansing and purification the air in our homes. But now as the winters are coming, and there are multiple changes that your plants aren’t designed to withstand freezing temperatures. If you want your precious green friends to survive till the spring season properly, follow these few steps for keeping your house plants alive during the winter season. 

During winters, plants need ample amounts of water, minerals, and sunlight. Agro2o Hydroponics Smart Garden is efficient enough to take care of all the requirements. 

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Steps on how to keep your plants happy and healthy in winters:

1. Keep Your Plants Warm

Many indoor plants are extremely sensitive to cold and harsh air. The initial step to caring for these houseplants in winter and extreme cold conditions is to make sure they are protected from the harsh cold air. You can solve this by insulating the doors of your home and sealing up your windows. Also, if you keep indoor plants next to window sills that are leaky or outside doors or during the warmer months, make sure you move them to other rooms where they won’t get shocked by the cold air.

Make sure you keep your indoor plants away from various heat sources, like radiators, fireplaces, and even heating vents.

2. Give Them Plenty Of Light

It’s common for houseplants to go pale with droopy leaves in winters. The most probable reason is the lack of ample sunlight. The house plants need light more than anything else in the winter season. The need is to be extra careful and you must rotate your indoor pots to make sure each one of them is getting the right amount of sunlight they need to thrive. If the available natural sunlight isn’t enough, you can use Agro2o LED full-spectrum to grow light and shine it on your plants. The lights are efficient in providing ample amounts of photosynthesis and other nutritional requirements. Bring the sunshine indoors with Agro2o LED Grow Light and grow the fruit and vegetable crops of your choice! 

  • The light that promotes Germination, Blooming & Fruiting
  • Healthier & Faster Plant Growth
  • Low heat generation
  • Low power consumption 
  • Fresh herbs at your ease!

3. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Plants In Winters

Sunlight is in short supply in the winter for the plants. To make sure they can take full advantage of the little light they have, make sure your indoor plants’ leaves stay dust-free and clean. Every couple of weeks, it’s important to put your plants in the bathtub and use a sprayer to give the leaves a gentle shower or use a damp towel to wipe dust and grime off the leaves of your plants. Keeping the leaves clean from dust and other pollutants means they can be more efficient at photosynthesis.

Winters are tough for both plant lovers and plants alike! Make sure you take proper care of these houseplants with ample amounts of light, minerals, and water.

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