• Grows 12 plants at the same time
  • Intelligent nutrient dosing
  • Automated watering
  • Spectrum-adapted LEDs for growing
  • Controlled by smartphone


20-35 inches

19.5 inches



Price includes all taxes

Shipping Included

₹ 19999

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Terms and Conditions

Free shipping

Free seed kit
for 12 plants and
nutrient for first cycle

Customer support


Touch screen &

Control the garden using the
touch screen interface or
from a smartphone via a
Wi-Fi connection


It sends out alerts to users
whenever the water has to be
topped up

Nutrient Dosing

All one has to do is insert a
nutrient cartridge and seed
pods depending on the plant
you want to grow

How it works

Choose a plant to grow

Add water and netpods

Plug it in

Enjoy your fresh food

Start growing immediately

Agro2o® - Grow your own plant kit | Asorted pack of fresh greens, veggies and herbs that can be grown at home

Book Agro2o Renaissance and get a set of 12 plant seeds. and a nutrient cartridge for free. Grow all the plants at once or choose the ones you like.

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Frequently Asked Question's

Agro2o® is offering solutions to bring nature closer to our modern lifestyle!

We are introducing a range of Agro2o® Smart Garden®. It is your own personalized plug and plant garden where you can grow a variety of different plant types with confidence of not using any harmful chemical or pesticide.Our Renaissance Smart Garden® comes with 12 pods.

It is a software and hardware integrated technology solution which allows plants to grow on their own, without much care! Optimal plant growth conditions are maintained by sensors, processors and intelligent growth algorithms!! It brings in standardization, predictability and requires minimum human intervention! Thus, it bridges the gap between modern Man and nature!

Agro2o® allow you to grow your own fresh, healthy herbs and veggies year-round without any harmful chemicals.

Agro2o® Renaissance Smart Garden®:
- Intelligent Nutrient Dosing
- Automating watering
- Grow light LEDs tailored with spectrum required for your plant’s growth
- Super Convenient - Monitor it with a smartphone
We have crafted Renaissance with beautiful design for your home and also you can interact it with your Smart phone or Touch screen! With these features it generates an optimum condition for your plant's to grow healthy. Add another dimension to your home with Renaissance and grow anything, anytime, anywhere!

Agro2o® Smart Garden® is an intelligent system which provides optimum growing conditions for plant’s growth, automatically.
- Plant’s growth rate is around 4-5 times faster.
- It uses soil less technology.
- Plants which require sunlight can be grown indoor.

Agro2o® Renaissance Smart Garden®:
- It can grow up to 12 plants.
- Its height ranges from 20 inches high up to 35 inches because the Grow lights are height adjustable. It is 19.5 inches in diameter.

Setting up Agro2o® Renaissance Smart Garden® is a simple 3 steps process:
- Choose what you want to grow
- Fill the water tank, insert the pre-seeded pods and nutrients into the Smart Garden®.
- Enjoy the part of nature inside your home!

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