The reasons to shift to a Smart Garden®

Everyone loves being surrounded by greenery and calm vibes. A garden makes sure that all this is possible. But a Smart Garden®, gives you benefits that are long-term and good in every sense. Imagine having an indoor garden that senses the things being grown and regulates the water and the nutrient in take accordingly.

Hydroponics is a technology that focuses majorly on growing plants without soil and in water. It reduces effort and it also allows you to grow plants without any prior knowledge about how they are grown.

There are always reasons to why things are good. Some of them are listed below:

1. You can save a lot of water

We live in a world, where the most important resources are depleting at a fast pace. Our Smart Garden® keeps that into consideration. In a traditional garden setting, it is necessary to use water to the fullest capacity for all the plants. But in a Smart Garden®, you must use minimal water in your product in order to make sure that your plant grows. Also, everything you grow has a different water capacity. So, water is saved and used appropriately.

2. Nutrients added are safe and appropriate

The traditional method of gardening and growing vegetables and herbs needed nutrients and sometimes there is not a lot of understanding regarding what are the kind of nutrients required and how much of them need to be used. Our Smart Garden® allows you to put nutrient cartridges that are added according to the plants being grown. Every herb and vegetable requires different kind of nutrients and all that you must do is, add that as per the plant you want to grow.

3. Technology enhances the growth

The growth is enhanced because of the technology being used. In traditional methods, it takes time for plants to grow. Our Smart Garden® also takes its own time, but a product like ours is comparatively faster than the normal growth because of the technology being used. IoT and Hydroponics really stimulate faster growth and make sure you can access healthy veggies and herbs faster.

4. No harmful pesticides are used

In traditional methods of gardening, pesticides and fertilizers are used to make sure the growth is good and fast. It also adds extra nutrients to the plants. But in a Smart Garden®, you don’t need to add anything extra in order to make sure that the plants will grow faster or to give them any kind of extra nutrients. They are much safer and natural.

5. Space is not an issue

In a normal garden setting, it is necessary to have a beautiful garden in order to grow the plants you love. But with our Smart Garden®, you just need to focus on putting the system where you like. It adds to the ambience of every place and corner in your house and because of its simplicity to use, placing it in your favorite spot is an important thing to consider.

In the end, it is not easy to shift from a garden to a Smart Garden®. But if you can have everything smart in your household, then maybe having a Smart Garden® will just complete the package!

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