Father's Day Special

Father's Day is all about remembering how much your father has done for you and taking a moment to thank them for everything. We, Agro2o thought of celebrating it differently this year. Our very own Chief Technological Officer is a father to two adorable children, and we decided to get an insight into his day and understand how every day is for him, at a time when working from home is the new normal.

Ashish Goel, the Chief Technology Officer of Agro2o is a father to two children, a boy and a girl. They are both young and like any other child, are always keen to spend time with their father. So, to do this, he starts his day early with his children and they all love to watch the sunrise and water the plants on the terrace. He has an interesting day of working from home and has a lot of meetings to attend, and simultaneously keep a track of the product setup in his house. Working for a startup is not easy because every little thing has to be worked upon and this is why we wanted to know, if having this product adds to the lifestyle and ambience of his house and how his children respond to it.

Ashish mentions how the product is a great addition in his house and as someone who loves to experiment with new things, he finds it an interesting activity to watch the plants grow and even understand the process behind it. His children find it fascinating too. They get excited when the grow light in the product switches on automatically and from a child’s eye it seems like pure magic. He feels the product is like a wholesome addition into the family. Just like we keep potted plants and take care of them, the Smart Garden is also good to look at and needs the same love that plants need, to grow. He believes that small children need immense nutrition and the vegetables and herbs the Smart Garden grows, helps them achieve that.

The fact that the COVID-19 situation has put all of us in a fix, makes the need to have such products even more because of the ease of getting healthy and safe herbs and vegetables. Ashish mentions how the pleasure of plucking things from the plants and using them to cook food, has its own charm and his wife and mother really find that more convenient. He adds on about how the safety of everyone in the household is necessary in such testing times, and this Smart Garden bridges that gap.

Like any other father, he is concerned about his children and their health and being someone who has worked on the creation of the product, he feels happy and proud to be a part of something that gives the veggies and herb the importance they demand. In fact, his daughter wonders why plants can’t talk back. She is eager to talk to them. This shows how the connection between children and such interesting products can be established.

Ashish recommends this as a wonderful gift for all fathers out there, soon

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