Hydroponics Smart Garden – Make Indoor Gardening Enjoyable With Kids

Hydroponics Smart Garden

Hydroponics Smart Garden – Make Indoor Gardening Enjoyable With Kids

Learning is a never-ending process and indoor gardening is one of the most enjoyable activities when done with kids. With Agro2o Hydroponics Smart Garden, you can enjoy this relaxing activity with your child as it doesn’t get messy and involves some fun steps. Although we see gardening as the favorite pastime of the older generation, even the young ones can enjoy and learn a lot from it. They can even develop a hobby later on when they grow up. 

We all are aware that nature holds important health benefits for kids. Not only it includes boosting physical health but also mental and emotional health. That’s one reason why indoor gardening with a hydroponics smart garden system is such an engaging activity for little hands. With a hydroponics smart garden system, you don’t need a lot of outside space for these garden-based home science experiments that you can enjoy with the kids. The activities we are going to recommend are perfect for preschoolers and can all be done indoors easily, meaning you and your kids can grow a garden in your home no matter what the weather’s like outside and that too throughout the year. 

1. Let your kids learn more about the herbs 

The first question that your child will ask you is, ” What’s a herb? How can we use herbs?”

Growing herbs with an Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system is a wonderful way for the kids to learn about gardening. A three-year-old child will marvel at the exciting and different scents that are available in a herb garden. With the help of a hydroponics smart garden system, most of the herbs are easy to grow and take little care to flourish. 

Children will be delighted to learn that they can grow many of the herbs that can be used in cooking their dinner with the Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system.

2. Create the Pizza Herb Garden with Agro2o Hydroponics Smart Garden System

Kids are die-hard fans of pizza. With its gooey cheese, delicious fresh crust, and tomato sauce dripping with herbs, greens, and spices, Pizza is a favorite of many adults as well. A pizza herb garden is the best way for a child to learn about culinary herb gardening and where one of their favorite foods gets its great taste.

A pizza is topped with basil, parsley, and oregano. To make it even more exciting for the child, you can let him or her grow a few cherry tomatoes as well with the Agro2o hydroponics smart garden. They make a good choice, as these veggies work especially well when using them for making tomato sauce.  Your kids can learn to grow a variety of herbs and veggies that make a perfect topping for Pizza.

3. Gardening made easy with pre-seeded pods and soilless technology

Planting with Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system is fun and easy! When you want to change the lettuce harvest cycle to green vegetables, users can select pods of their own choice. There will be a package of nutrients and pods together. It is an easy plug-and-grow system. All you kid needs to do is plug in the device, insert nutrient and water cartridge, and the system will take care of the rest. Your child would admire the plant growing in front of its eyes without getting messy. What’s better than having fresh greens and veggies that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides have grown with the help of soilless technology with the Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system. Indoor gardening for kids can’t get any tastier or simpler. 

Once the Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system is set up, your kid just needs to top up water at regular intervals. The smart garden is enabled with wifi connectivity and a touch screen and sends out alerts whenever water is required.

Benefits of Smart Gardening for Kids

Kids must know about plants, fresh food, and their environment. It’s important to teach kids about plants at an early age with responsibility and patience as they grow their own food fresh and free from harmful chemicals with the Agro2o hydroponic smart garden system. You can along with your child water, trim, harvest, and cook with your smart garden plants, sharing this fun experience together. 

1. Encourages Nutritious Eating:

When your kids see a plant growing in front of them, they won’t be able to resist trying a veggie they have watched grow themselves. Even picky eaters won’t deny eating them. Growing with a hydroponics smart garden system will show your kids the importance of plants, food, and nutrition at an early age. It is a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about eating healthy.

2. Introduction to Scientific Concepts: 

Gardening is all about science and it helps to know about how plants grow, why plants need sunlight to strive, sustainability, and agriculture.

3. Kids Learn a Sense of Responsibility: 

With Agro2o hydroponics smart garden system, your kids will learn the responsibility and patience of taking care of something as they tend to the garden.

4. Kids Learn the Importance of the Environment: 

Kids will understand the amount of time, care, and effort that go into growing a garden. They will learn a sense of respect and love for nature. 

So there you have it! Gardening is fun and easy activity with kids.

A fully automated indoor hydroponics smart garden that they’ll fall in love with!

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