Growing Plants without Soil: Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the technology of growing plants without soil by just using only water, nutrients, and a growing medium. Do you know where this word hydroponics comes from, hydro: meaning water, and ponos: meaning labor, this method of gardening does not use soil. Sounds high tech and futuristic, right? It’s not. These techniques is being used thousands of years ago. Although the general theory behind hydroponics remains the same, modern technology has enabled us to grow plants faster, nutritious, organic and healthier.

One of the biggest advantages that hydroponics has over soil growing is water conservation. When growing plants in soil, a grower has to be very experienced to know how much water to give his plants. Too much and the plant’s roots are not able to get enough oxygen. Too little and the plant can dry out and die. Hydroponics solves this problem in three different ways.

Oxygenated Nutrient Reservoir:

Make sure that the plant’s roots obtain the optimum level of oxygen through oxygenated water reservoir.

Uses Less Water:

Hydroponics uses much less water than soil based farming method because as water can be recirculated. In traditional farming, water is poured over the ground and seeps into the soil. Only a small fraction of the water actually gets used by the plant. Hydroponics allows for the unused water to be recycled back into the reservoir, ready for use in the future.

Total Growing Control:

The final major benefit of hydroponics is the amount of control a grower has over the environment. Pests and diseases are much easier to deal with – your environment is often times portable and raised off of the ground. This makes it hard for bugs to reach your plants. Any soil-related diseases are completely written off in hydroponics as well. Lastly, you’re able to control the amount of nutrients provided to your plant precisely, saving on nutrition costs. You are thinking of setting up your own indoor garden by using hydroponic system, but how to do it. Agro2o comes with fully automated system using advanced technology that requires minimum supervision, but full control over the growth of plants. It’s super convenient to use and can be accessed/monitored through an app on your phone.

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