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Agro2o Smart Garden is a personalized and cloud-connected plug-n-play indoor Smart Garden®, incorporated with intelligent growth algorithms based on plant growth phases (germination, seedling, vegetative growth, harvest) and sensors that automatically balances light, water and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level, enabling users to take control of their health by using technology to grow fresh and pesticides-free food straight from their home without the need for manual fertilizing. The growth of plant is around 5 times faster compare to conventional soil-based growing. The user experiences fastest possible harvest and consume cycle thus the produce is of the highest quality full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

  • Take out your Agro2o Smart Garden and place it at a convenient location in your home. Ensure that an electrical outlet is available nearby.
  • Take out Grow Light Rod and install it in the Agro2o Smart Garden, until the spring locks are clicked and secured into the base. The Grow Light Rod is height adjustable and can achieve 4 levels of height. At the starting of the plant cycle it is recommended to keep it at minimum height. To raise and lower the LED Grow Light, wrap one hand around the spring lock of the rod and grasp the upper part of the rod with your other hand and either push up to raise the height or push down to lower the height of LED Grow Light.

  • Insert LED Grow Light in the Grow Light Rod until the spring locks are clicked and secured with the LED Grow Light.

  • Plug LED Grow Light power cord (coming out of Agro2o Smart Garden) in the connector provided in LED Grow Light.

  • Plug Pump cable connector into the pump socket.

  • Plug Agro2o Smart Garden Power cord into an electric outlet.

You can set up your Smart Garden in 4 easy steps.

  • Add water: Add water up to the “Max Fill” indicator located in the Water Inlet.

*Note: Use RO water and fill to the Max Fill Indicator.

  •  Add nutrient cartridge: Insert Nutrient cartridge into cartridge pocket. After inserting nutrient cartridge pierce the cartridge at designated place as marked on cartridge label.

* Removing cartridge in the middle of plant cycle is not recommended.

  • Add net pods, seed plugs and humidity domes:
    • Insert seed plugs into net pods. (net pods can be reused over multiple plant cycles).
    • Insert seed name hang tags into the net pod.
    • Insert net pods with seed plugs into openings in the top cover.
    • Place a humidity dome over each net pod. Humidity domes rest on net pods and may not ‘snap’ into place.

* Please place Agro2o labels on the seed plugs. These labels inhibit algae growth.

  • Cycle start: To start the cycle (Using the Control Panel):
    • At start of the Smart Garden, if no plant cycle is running, all icons on the Control Panel will be blinking.
    • Select the plant type that you are growing by pressing the desired plant type icon (Herbs/Greens/Veggies/Flowers) on the Control Panel.

The Smart Garden dimensions: Height: 20-35 inches and Diameter: 19.5 inches

Agro2o® Smart Garden® is an intelligent system which provides optimum growing conditions for plant’s growth, automatically.

  • Plant’s growth rate is around 4-5 times faster.
  • It uses soil less technology.
  • Plants which require sunlight can be grown indoor.

Following Steps can be followed to connect your Agro2o Smart Garden to the mobile App.

  • Install Mobile App

Go to Playstore in Android play store or Apple app store and search the App using “Agro2o Smart Garden” and install it in your phone.

  • Create Account

Open the app and click on create account and enter your details to create your Agro2o account. In case you already have an account, please login using your account credentials.

  • Add a device

After account creation, you will be prompted to Add an Agro2o Smart Garden device to your App. Please click on the Add device button. After clicking Add device, go to your mobile WiFi settings, look for your Agro2o Smart Garden device Id “a2o-sg-xxxxxxxxxx” and connect to it.

If your phone prompts that this is not a network enabled connection and asks to switch back to your mobile data, please select “Keep using this WiFi” option and not allow your phone to switch back to mobile data. After you are connected to Agro2o Smart Garden, go back to you App and click Next button.

  • Configure WiFi

After clicking on Next button, App will take you to the page where you can fill in the username and password of the WiFi to which you want Agro2o Smart Garden to be connected.

Select your preferred WiFi, enter the password and click on Next button.

If the WiFi credentials are correct and the device is connected to WiFi, you will be prompted with a connection successful message on the next page.

Please click on Next button to either start a New plant cycle or to go to the App main dashboard (if a cycle is already running).

We recommend placing your Smart Garden in an easily accessible area.

  • On a sturdy, water-tolerant surface
  • Near standard electrical outlet, per local regulations.
  • Your Smart Garden is an indoor device, please do not expose it to direct sunlight or outdoor environment.
  • Keep your smart garden in a 16°-24°C environment (optimal)
  • Away from reach of children and pets.
  • Away from direct sources of heat (eg: stove, furnace vents, heaters) or cold (eg. AC vents).
  • Smart Garden can be connected to WiFi, so a good WiFi availability will ensure you can always access it via Agro2o Smart Garden App.

We have broadly categorized the plants into 5 categories: Herbs, Greens, Veggies, Flowers and Microgreens. There are up to 50 different plant types which can be grown. The examples include but not limited to, basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, coriander, mint, various kinds of lettuce, spinach, arugula, cherry tomato, bell pepper, chilies, petunia, marigold, medicinal herbs, microgreens, etc.

Smart Garden operates within a range of 110V-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.5A and uses average 40W.

First you drain out water from Reservoir of your Agro2o Smart Garden. After the Reservoir is emptied, remove the Top Cover to clean the channel and then remove the channel body to clean the Reservoir. Only water should be used for cleaning. Do not use any chemical or detergent.

This warranty runs for one (1) year on this Agro2o and LED Grow Light, from the date of original purchase, for the original purchaser/user.

  • Stop the Cycle:
    • To stop the cycle (Using Control Panel): Select the Agro2o logo on the Control Panel by performing a long press (2 seconds) followed by a short press.
    • To stop the cycle (Using Mobile App): Open Agro2o App. Go to Menu/ Settings/ Stop the cycle and Press OK to stop the cycle.
  • Remove net pods, seed plugs and nutrient cartridge: Remove Net pods from the Top Cover. Take out seed plugs and discard them. The Net pods are reusable and will be used for the next plant cycle. Remove nutrient cartridges from the cartridge pocket and discard them into designated recyclable bins.
  • Drain water: Drain out water before you start, make sure to have a separate container to hold the emptied water. This container should be placed at a height lower than your Smart Garden. Insert one end of the siphon pump into the water inlet, till it touches the Reservoir. Pump is easy to prime and 6-7 strokes are enough to start the pump. In the case siphon pump is not available, the Reservoir has an emergency use drain plug at the bottom to empty the Reservoir. Remember to put back the drain plug after emptying the Reservoir.
  • Cleaning the channels and the Reservoir: After the Reservoir is emptied, remove the Top Cover to clean the channel and then remove the Channel body to clean the Reservoir. Only water should be used for cleaning. Do not use any chemical or detergent.

Above steps complete the plant cycle changeover in your Agro2o Smart Garden. To start a new cycle again, follow the steps provided in section “Start with your Smart Garden in 4 easy steps” through control panel setting or Mobile App.

Our seeds are sourced from large and small vendors from around the world. GMO seeds are never used. The seeds are the result of 3 years of intensive testing in our grow rooms. Our nutrients contain no harmful pesticides or herbicides.

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