• Stop the Cycle:
    • To stop the cycle (Using Control Panel): Select the Agro2o logo on the Control Panel by performing a long press (2 seconds) followed by a short press.
    • To stop the cycle (Using Mobile App): Open Agro2o App. Go to Menu/ Settings/ Stop the cycle and Press OK to stop the cycle.
  • Remove net pods, seed plugs and nutrient cartridge: Remove Net pods from the Top Cover. Take out seed plugs and discard them. The Net pods are reusable and will be used for the next plant cycle. Remove nutrient cartridges from the cartridge pocket and discard them into designated recyclable bins.
  • Drain water: Drain out water before you start, make sure to have a separate container to hold the emptied water. This container should be placed at a height lower than your Smart Garden. Insert one end of the siphon pump into the water inlet, till it touches the Reservoir. Pump is easy to prime and 6-7 strokes are enough to start the pump. In the case siphon pump is not available, the Reservoir has an emergency use drain plug at the bottom to empty the Reservoir. Remember to put back the drain plug after emptying the Reservoir.
  • Cleaning the channels and the Reservoir: After the Reservoir is emptied, remove the Top Cover to clean the channel and then remove the Channel body to clean the Reservoir. Only water should be used for cleaning. Do not use any chemical or detergent.

Above steps complete the plant cycle changeover in your Agro2o Smart Garden. To start a new cycle again, follow the steps provided in section “Start with your Smart Garden in 4 easy steps” through control panel setting or Mobile App.