Following Steps can be followed to connect your Agro2o Smart Garden to the mobile App.

  • Install Mobile App

Go to Playstore in Android play store or Apple app store and search the App using “Agro2o Smart Garden” and install it in your phone.

  • Create Account

Open the app and click on create account and enter your details to create your Agro2o account. In case you already have an account, please login using your account credentials.

  • Add a device

After account creation, you will be prompted to Add an Agro2o Smart Garden device to your App. Please click on the Add device button. After clicking Add device, go to your mobile WiFi settings, look for your Agro2o Smart Garden device Id “a2o-sg-xxxxxxxxxx” and connect to it.

If your phone prompts that this is not a network enabled connection and asks to switch back to your mobile data, please select “Keep using this WiFi” option and not allow your phone to switch back to mobile data. After you are connected to Agro2o Smart Garden, go back to you App and click Next button.

  • Configure WiFi

After clicking on Next button, App will take you to the page where you can fill in the username and password of the WiFi to which you want Agro2o Smart Garden to be connected.

Select your preferred WiFi, enter the password and click on Next button.

If the WiFi credentials are correct and the device is connected to WiFi, you will be prompted with a connection successful message on the next page.

Please click on Next button to either start a New plant cycle or to go to the App main dashboard (if a cycle is already running).