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Back in school when we had our Science classes on the type of plants that we can grow in different weathers, and the important things that every plant needs to grow, did you ever think that there would a come a time when growing plants would join hands with technology, and the only thing that you need is water to grow them?

Well, Yash Vyas, the Founder of Agro2o® had an idea while working in Dubai that really connected well to the kind of terrain Dubai has. He figured out the concept of Hydroponics technology and wanted to align that in a way, through which plants of all kinds grow easily. With a power team they worked on the minutest of details to not only make a product but also make sure it reaches the audiences perfectly.

Agro2o® Smart Garden® is a product that saves you the hassle of worrying about too much sunlight drying your plant, how much water is sufficient for the plant, what kind of fertilizers are the best and what not. With the IoT and Hydroponics technology, this product makes it easier for you to get access to your fresh herbs and veggies, by the plug-and-play solution where all that you need to do is plug the product, decide what you want to grow, add the nutrients and water accordingly and let the magic begin! It will send updates on your phone and hence, one can enjoy the plants growing peacefully.

Due to the current situation that the whole world is fighting against a pandemic, we as a company are doing our best to make the new way of life easier and interesting for all of you with a product that will act as a mini garden inside your house and also provide you with absolutely fresh herbs and veggies, without the usage of any kind of fertilizer or chemicals. Our main aim is to send out the product to all your houses when buying vegetables from outside is a risky option and we are working around the clock to make sure the launch of the product takes place soon while our Marketing Team is making sure that they send you all constant updates about the company, the product and every other thing to make it as interactive as possible.

The concern is not just the time they spend attending virtual school/college session, but also the time spent on digital homework. Due to lockdown, there are no physical activities the kids can engage in, most of the kids remain glued to the screen all day long for playing games or watching TV or chatting with friends.

We don’t know till when the situation will be like this, guessing this is the new normal. We as a parent need to take a step, how we can include other activities in our kid’s day to day life. Like connecting our kids to nature (plants). Surrounded by plants give good vibes and boost mood.

Our very own CTO working hard to get things in order.

Our Mechanical and Electronics Designers on the go!

Our Founder, working hard to get all the details right.

From radio stations to blogs and websites, we have been featured in various places where our very own Founder, Yash Vyas has shared with everyone how this innovative idea came to his mind and how he wanted to bring a positive change in households with the help of establishing a Smart Garden. Catch some of those stories in the links given below!

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