About Agro2o® Smart Garden®

What is Agro2o® Smart Garden®

It’s an IoT (internet of things) solution which automates the complete process of growing plants using advanced hydroponics and intelligent growing algorithms. The device contains a combination of micro-controllers, sensors and actuators. Depending on the plant you’re growing, our system can intelligently discern how much water, light and nutrients are required and all these facets are customised according to the plant

Agro2o comes with a fully automated system using advanced technology that requires minimum supervision, but full control over the growth of plants. It’s super convenient to use and can be accessed/monitored through an app on your phone.

How to use it?

Once a user purchases the smart garden device, he can grow multiple types of plants and through numerous crop cycles. Users must choose the type of plant they want to grow and connect it to the pre-sown pods (there is a variety of herbs, vegetables, greens or ornamental plants on offer).

There is a slot for a nutrient cartridge that needs to be inserted. Once the system is up and running, all that needs to be done is to top up the water at regular intervals: users will be informed of this via a mobile application or a touch panel on the system.

We have developed two models of this smart garden—Savor and Renaissance. On the Savor, you can grow four plants at a time (a four-pod garden), while Renaissance has the capacity for 12 plants (12-pod garden). If you’re growing lettuce, for example, you can grow nine crop cycles of lettuce in a year. On this device, you can have similar plant types growing alongside each other. For example, you can grow multiple types of herbs but don’t ever mix it up with cherry tomatoes. There are differences in their nutrient requirements. For example, fruit crops require more potassium while herbs require more nitrogen.

Simple to Use and Pre-Order It

For a person who does not know gardening, this device developed by Agro2o is easy to use. Along with the device, there are pre-seeded pods. When they want to change the lettuce harvest cycle to green vegetables, users can select pods of their choice. There will be a package of pods and nutrients together. It is a type of easy plug and play system. All users need to do is plug in the device, insert the water and nutrient cartridge, and the system will take care of the rest. How does a user interact with the system? They either interact through a touch screen on the device or through a mobile app. Plants grown on our device are much nutritious compared to conventional ways of gardening because the system is giving nutrients in precise quantities and durations. There is a glow light in the system which contains a tailored spectrum for photosynthesis. Many plants require sunlight to grow, but now plants like cherry tomatoes can be grown indoors as well. For urban residents, the system solves three key problems that prevent them from gardening–lack of living space in apartments, lack of time, knowledge and resources. It brings people closer to nature without effecting their lifestyle. We have already initiated the manufacturing of both the Savor and Renaissance and started taking down pre-orders by paying a fully refundable amount of Rs 799. Thus far,we have 300+ pre-orders. The tentative price for Savor is Rs 7,999 inclusive of GST, while the Renaissance stands at Rs 17,999. The actual sales will commence sometime in the third quarter of the next financial year.

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Agro2o® is a company that combined nature and advanced technology providing smart garden solutions.

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