Agro2o® Smart Garden®

Green garden
on your table

Grow your own fresh and healthy herbs, veggies,
medicinal plants year-round without
any harmful chemicals

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You can

Have access to natural
greenery, healthy and fresh
veggies in a metropolis

Maintain your garden and at
the same time live in an

Have a modern, healthy
lifestyle through
environmentally friendly ways

Air quality and mental well
being in the rhythm of modern
big city life

Feel the difference

Feel the difference

Plant’s growth rate is around
4-5 times faster

It uses soil less technology

Plants which require sunlight
can be grown indoor

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You can grow







How it works

Choose a plant to grow

Add water and netpods

Plug it in

Enjoy your fresh food

Choose your Smart Garden®

Agro2o Renaissance

  • Grows 12 plants at the same time
  • Intelligent nutrient dosing
  • Automating watering
  • Spectrum-adapted LEDs for growing
  • Controlled by smartphone

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₹ 16,999

₹ 799

Right solution

Add another dimension to your home with Renaissance and grow
anything, anytime, anywhere!

Convergence of




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Who we are

Agro2o® the company that combined nature and
advanced technology

We work in the sector of Smart Hydroponics (which is a clean
and sustainable technology has a potential to solve the
agricultural problems of water, land and pesticides and
herbicides), with the goal of making Hydroponics accessible
and affordable to everyone, whether individual or institution or
commercial farming

We do this, by leveraging technology such as
Automation and IOT.
Our developed Smart Garden which enables any individual to
grow any kind of plant without worrying about space,
maintenance and other know how

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